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about this site

This site was created to provide a simple set of optimizing techniques for web designers and website owners. If you are a professional, then this site is probably not for you. The ideas and concepts covered here are for first time web designers and those looking for simple advice that they can use on their sites.

It was originally developed as a simple diagnostics test for our own websites, created for our clients to use and we have developed it from there. It is not intended to go into the level of optimizing detail that is often over-complicated for most users. Also its recommendations are for simple improvements that are available to most website designers.

If you are someone running a server with the ability to make server level changes then there are more comprehensive diagnostic tools available, many of which we refer to on the website.

It is constantly under development and extra features added. However there are always opportunities for improvement, so please contact us with any ideas you think worth including.